TODAY'S MENU {Peanut Butter Cookie S'More}

{I want S'MORE!}
The only thing more enchanting than an outdoor dinner party with good friends would have to be an outdoor dinner party with good friends while making smores!


TODAY'S MENU {Banana Cream Cheesecake}

{Age before Beauty}
Sometimes it takes something old to make something brand spanking new! No matter what ingredients you start with you're guaranteed a beautiful finished product.


TODAY'S MENU {Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade}

{When life gives you lemons...}
Summer is fast approaching which means endless BBQs, trips to the beach, and let's not forget that old lemonade stand. Put a fun twist on the classic counter with these adorable displays!


TODAY'S MENU {Sweet Farm Fresh Strawberries}

{Paper Bag Princess}
Call it strange but I have a hard time throwing out paper bags. In addition to siding with my 'reduce, reuse, recycle' principles, their beautiful simplicity allows for boundless potential (the kind that goes way beyond carrying my sandwich).


shopping bag


recipe book



snack holder



TODAY'S MENU {Lattice-Topped Blackberry Cobbler}

{No Pane, No Gain}
If I HAD to choose my favorite architectural element in our home it would be the black window panes. These rather grande portals have a way of making everything on the other side seem ten times more inviting.


TODAY'S MENU {Chopped Fruit Salad}

{On the Butcher's Block}
Chop in style and make a bold statement by building your kitchen around a slab of salvaged wood!