TODAY'S MENU {Crème Brûlée}

{photo by: allure}

{Crème de la Crème}
When I think of decadent desserts I immediately dream of Crème Brûlée, for there is nothing quite as rich as your own personal ramekin filled with whipped eggs and sugar. Like most special things in life, one must appreciate its true beauty and recognize the passion that goes into making something so sweet.

{photo by: fashion magazine}

{Balancing Act}
In true Holts fashion, their summer 2009 window display embodies all things glamorous. The ever familiar balancing act between "I want" and "I got" is a daunting struggle, yet this modish mannequin seems to manage just fine!

{photo by: boston.com}

{Valentino: The Last Emperor}
Who knew that following Valentino around during his last year in the fashion business would be so moving. A true insight to the world of Haute Couture, you will laugh, you will cry and you will most definitely need a trip to the tanning salon afterward!


TODAY'S MENU {Strawberry Milkshake}

{photo by: sodahead}

If this doesn't bring you to the yard I don't know what will. Be inspired, get your dance on!!!


TODAY'S MENU {Portuguese Custard Tarts}

{photo by blogto}

Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time in Portugal, words cannot describe what a very special country it is. Not only are you surrounded by beauty everywhere you go, but the food is delicious and cheap, so I made it a point to eat as many custard tarts as I could get my hands on. Like their pastry, the culture is so rich and wonderful that you can't help but want more, which is why I decided to savour it all and publish my very first book! Here's a little taste of the magic that is Portugal!

{photos by Jackie Goodlin}

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TODAY'S MENU {Blue Jordan Almonds}

500 Days of Summer
I have been waiting for a movie like this for a very long time, finally something for the romantic-cynics of the world. A classic tale of boy meets girl with a modern-day view on love. Joseph Gordon Levitt brings a comical tenderness while Zooey Deschanel sparkles in a retro blue wardrobe.

{jordan almonds by
superior nut store} {500 days of summer by imdb} {dress by blue velvet vintage} {hairband by etsy} {bow tie by cupcakesnlace} {paloma ring by Tiffany & Co.}



{photo by just desserts}

{Chapeau de Gateau}
A true visionary, Alison Dawson reinvents ribbon with her fresh take on jewelry and cake toppers. A perfect gift idea for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd, and it won't break the bank! (I have the bracelet in Coral and it's one of my favourite pieces)


{photos by chapeau de gateau}


When I was a little girl my parents would take me to Golden Griddle for brunch on Sundays. Despite the menu's extensive selection of delicious (and not to mention high in cholesterol) breakfast food, I knew what I liked and never failed to order it: chocolate chip pancakes with extra chocolate chipits on the side.

To this day I still get excited over brunch, except now those Golden Griddle pancakes have been replaced by gourmet chocolate chip banana pancakes with pure Canadian maple syrup served with a spoonful of blueberries. Inspiration is everywhere, beauty comes in many different forms, but no matter what the flavour of the month, you can always count on food to entice your senses.

Eat like it's your last meal, live like you're out to lunch.

Welcome to my world.

{photo by food is luv}