TODAY'S MENU {Orange Cream Parfait}

Lately I have been going through an Orange phase. Having always loved the colour Coral, I am slowly making the transition to bigger and brighter. As a child I remember hating all orange-flavoured things, I guess it's my time to give back, hence, my latest craze.

{my new Herm├ęs canvas tote, a girl can dream can't she?}

{my new fabulous wallpaper, definitely good for WOW-factor!}

{vintage silk crepe dress anyone?}

{Jack & Lulu inspired this Jack to turn a plain old business card into a trendy keepsake}

{Orange tulips - my fav!}

...Orange ya glad I posted these pics? (Sorry, couldn't help myself)


TODAY'S MENU {French Lace Cookies}

{J'adore Ophelie}
Being a bridesmaid this Valentine's Day is not only the perfect excuse to forgo the annual Hallmark festivities, but it gives me a reason to get (as my Grams would say) all dolled up! Lucky for me, the bride-to-be hails from London, England, which could only mean one thing: free fashion reign - hence, our hair fascinators.

As a personal fan of Montreal-based Ophelie Hats and the proud owner of one very special vintage headband from Paris, I am of course more than thrilled to sport these charming adornments in my updo next Sunday.
{photo by: recipe finder}

{photos by: ophelie hats}


TODAY'S MENU {Chocolate Kisses}

{Defying Gravity}
From the moment I watched Ellen Page and Landon Pigg canoodle under water in Whip It, I became fascinated with the very idea. Aside from the obvious coordination, photography, and yes I suppose oxygen plays a small part, what could be cooler than the wettest of wet kisses (in the deep end of all places?) Kudos to these fine swimmers!
{photo by: usa cookie bouqet}


TODAY'S MENU {Tea & Crumpets}

A trip to San Francisco last Christmas led me to whimsical Victorian tea salon, Crown & Crumpet. Located in the heart of Ghirardelli Square (how fitting), this adorable little restotique is every girl's dream. From cupcakes to scones, tea to art, it's hard to resist everything on the menu!

{photos by: Crown & Crumpet}