TODAY'S SPECIAL {Birthday Cupcake}

{Happy Birthday To Me...}
I just celebrated a milestone birthday and in doing so discovered that a day at the spa with your closest girlfriends plus endless amounts of delicious baked goods equals the perfect formula for one fabulous day!

In addition to my relaxing Swedish massage from a tiny lady named Sai (thank you Sai), I decided to treat myself to a manicure - after all there’s nothing quite like a manicure to make a woman feel like a lady, but little did I realize that a task as simple as choosing a nail polish colour could make me so hungry…

{Particuliere #505 - Berry Cobbler}

{Orange Fizz #307 - Caramel-soaked Clementines}

{Black Velvet #430 - Fromage}

{Gold Lamé #440 - Chocolate Ganache}

{Nouvelle Vague #527 - Chocolate Cupcake}


TODAY'S MENU {Caramel Candy Apple}

Most of us at one point in our lives have experienced the dreadful fare we call airplane food, hence why I opt for those cute bags of apple slices accompanied by mouthwatering caramel dip. Ok ok, I know what you're thinking, but the last few months I've been doing my fair share of jet-setting and sweet gooey caramel is the least of my worries. Waiting in line at the airport is about as dangerous to this gal as perusing a chocolate factory - one can't help but notice all the fabulous luggage and let her mind wander (a girl can dream can't she?)

{Prada Pergamena}

{Quilted Chanel}

{Louis Vuitton Hat Box}

{My personal favourite - Longchamp}

{The epitomy of 'well-groomed'}

{Who says beautiful luggage should be stored in a closet?}


TODAY'S MENU {Frosted Circus Animals}

One of my oldest friends is a soon to be married woman. It was at her bridal shower last night where 25 lovely ladies gathered to watch her open presents and reluctantly read her cards aloud. Among your classic cake server, lingerie and massage oils there was in fact one fabulous gift that caught my attention instantly, "An Illustrated Life" by Todd Oldham. This beautiful coffee table book captures the essence of illustrator Charley Harper (not to mention my love for animals).

Harper was known for his minimal realism and would describe his style as, "I don't try to put everything in, I try to leave everything out. I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings."


TODAY'S MENU {Flourless Chocolate Cake}

Given my love for books and the fact that chocolate is a permanent fixture in my kitchen, I was inspired by the idea of turning my very own home library into an art installation. Collecting books may seem like a waste to some people, but I couldn't imagine a nicer way to display where I've been, be it Western Europe or cooking classes!


TODAY'S MENU {Macarons}

{Somewhere over the...}
What do you get when you mix an obsessive compulsive organizer with all the colours of the rainbow?


TODAY'S MENU {Cranberry Almond Granola Squares}

{The Knapsack Comeback!}
Remember the days of hanging out at the mall with your groovy backpack draped over one shoulder? Holding everything from your granola bar to your Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, the bag on your back housed your most prized possessions and represented all that you stood for. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm no longer an awkward teenager wandering aimlessly around the mall, but the new and improved designer backpack promises to make all us adults feel young again!

{Mulholland's Deerskin Rucksack}

{Marc Jacobs, Spring 2010}

{Tory Burch}


{Louis Vuitton}

{Vintage Chanel}