TODAY'S MENU {Dark Chocolate Waffles}

{Sitting Pretty}
Seeing as how brunch is my favorite meal, it makes perfect sense that I've always dreamt of having a breakfast nook in my kitchen, fully equipped with an upholstered banquette and a charming view of course (ok, and maybe a dog).


TODAY'S MENU {Chocolate Crépe Cake}

{Map Quest}
While traveling, I have never found myself more than a hop skip and a jump away from a mouthwatering crepe. To satisfy the stomach AND the sweet tooth (while costing less than $5), is to satisfy the traveler. Hanging a vintage map in your space is a simple reminder of your special treat and all the beauty it has to share.


TODAY'S MENU {Rice Pudding with Poached Prunes}

{Turban Charge}
Fashionistas everywhere are 'keeping cool' and taking it to a whole new level...


TODAY'S MENU {Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles}

{Wrap It Up!}
The time has come...no more endless rolls of wasteful paper!
Having recently discovered fabric wrap I am a forever changed gift-giver; why not present your parcel in a way that is equally as meaningful as the gift itself?

Chewing the Cud makes a rather artistic assortment for every occasion.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to find a unique place for children's artwork, aside from the refrigerator!

Got any old shirts lying around? Try pairing one with a festive brooch, it might just be the perfect fit!


TODAY'S MENU {Banana Pudding Pie}

{Retro Swimwear}
Nothing makes me happier than the return of the one-piece..classic, feminine and oh so sophisticated, hanging by the beach this summer promises to be anything but drab!


TODAY'S MENU {Cinnamon Raisin Buns}

The ultimate DIY for any vintage-loving pack-rat....the tin can.
An empty old can with the right facelift just might become the most practical objet in your possession!