{Tiki Town}
A dinner at the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar in San Francisco's Fairmont hotel this past weekend was like taking a trip to a far off paradise. Enough to refresh, rejuvenate and relish in my festive surroundings, I fell in love with the beat of this bar.

Warm up in style with Italian designer Carlo Martin's sleek Tiki radiator

Punch up those walls with some vintage artwork

These stackable bamboo rings make it easy to tie in Tiki wherever you go

You don't have to dine in the Tonga Room to embrace this style, add a hit of colour to your table with these fun bamboo bowls

Tiki torches are a great way to crate paradise in your very own backyard!


TODAY'S MENU {Chooclate Rugelach}

{Awesome Baked Goods}
In honour of #909 (Bakery Air) on the Top 1000 Awesome Things, I give you my favourite, time-tested baked good. After 25 years my nose still manages to find its way to the delicious, warm, chocolate rugelach sitting behind the bakery window.

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{photo by: baking for the cure}