{Like Old Again}
Recently I acquired an old wooden desk. My neighbour was going to put it out for garbage but I insisted on giving the tattered table a new home (I love a good makeover and this was the perfect before and after story!) Like old grapes turned into a beautiful bottle of wine I have big plans for this little desk, after some sanding and a coat or two of paint, it will look just like, well, old again! 
{photo by: jibble}

{The Desk}
Similar to the one below, my desk is made of wood with chipping black paint, bamboo trim and 3 deep drawers.
{photo by: 2nd hand}

{The Finish}
This is the antique look I am hoping to achieve after sanding and painting the old layers away.

{The Colour}
A classic, Martha Stuart's Robin's Egg Blue.
{photo by: bonya}

{The Hardware}
Vintage knobs from Anthropologie are not only fun to choose, but each one is as beautiful as the last. 
{photos by: anthropologie}

{The Accessories}
Picking your favourite flower and showcasing them in a clear vase is a great way to accessories your tabletop.
{photo by: country living}

{The Mirror}
Looking to glamorize your front hall? Hang this mosaic-tile mirror from Ikea for a more elegant look.
{photo by: ikea}

{The Lighting}
Tie in colours through your favourite antique lamp!

{The Key Holder}
Spice up that old key hook with a classic silver bowl.
{photo by: silver gallery}

{The Seating}
Try an old drafting stool for a more vintage feel.
{photo by: the goods design}


TODAY'S SPECIAL {White Chocolate Coconut Truffles}

{Red Carpet Radiance}
Heidi Klum is simply stunning, hands down the most beautiful pregnant lady on the red carpet!
{photo by: nestle}
{photo by: people}


TODAY'S MENU {Candy Watches}

{Time to get a watch!}
My new obsession - plastic watches.
{photo by: off beat treats}
{photo by: retro to go}
{photo by: funky fobz}
{photos by: tic watches}
{photo by: sourcing map}
{photo by: polyvore}
{photo by: cool hunting}


TODAY'S MENU {Espresso Brownies}

Anyone who has ever had a flash of genius in the middle of the night knows how important it is to keep a pen and paper bedside. Some of my best ideas come to me at night (or in transit) which requires a LOT of espresso (even if it does come in the form of delicious brownies) and of course a fabulous set of stationary!
{photo by: 101 cookbooks}

Herman Miller brings an old classic back to life with this Nelson Swag Leg Desk, possibly one of my favourite furniture pieces of all time!
{photo by: apartment therapy}

What can I say, I'm a sucker for colour! From my very own pencil collection, Kate Spade pencils make a sweet addition to any desktop. Personalize your collection by storing your writing utensils of choice in a monogrammed glass tumbler, like these ones from Williams-Sonoma!
{photo by: crane}
{photo by: kaboodle}
If you ask me, everybody should own at least one Moleskine notebook. These legendary pads come in all sizes and colours (I never leave home without my mini-Mole in case inspiration strikes)
{photo by: the journal shop}
Add a touch of class to your planner with this sterling silver pen from Tiffany & Co.
{photo by: ehow}
Pick a colour any colour and get organized with a leather agenda from Filofax and these funky Kate Spade refills!
Smencils make a great GREEN gift (made from 100% recycled newspaper) and keep your pencil case smelling great! I have the Bubble Gum scent and it's truly addictive!
{photo by: delight}


TODAY'S MENU {Cheeseburgers}

{photo by: grub street}

{Sometimes a girl just needs some beef}
I think it's safe to say that anyone who knows me would describe me as a tad burger-obsessed. Now I know this topic can be somewhat controversial (people are surprisingly picky about their beef - my apologies to all you vegetarians reading this) but like a good blogger I must stay loyal to myself and write about my one true love: Cheeseburgers.

Over the years, my skills as a 'burger artist' have become so credible that my friends have actually begun to copy my topping patterns. Call me old fashioned but there's nothing like a classic beef burger topped with some aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, raw onion and of course, Dijon mustard.

For all you red meat-lovers, here are my top 6 picks for favourite, MOST DELICIOUS cheeseburgers.

{Beer Bistro}
I can't think of anything better than a beer-infused burger...
..unless it's a beer-infused burger topped with Guinness Cheddar.
{photo by: where}

Who said fast food doesn't count? Unavailable in Canada means the flight to the U.S. will be all the more worthwhile. Try Animal Style to shake things up a bit.
{photo by: rachelle b}

{Craft Burger}
My new favourite, Craft Burger has proven itself as one of the best burger joints in Toronto. Try the Classic or the Craft Blue, either way you'll be going back for more!

An oldie but goodie from my days as a waitress, this classic Cheddar Bacon Burger kept me more than well-fed during those 11-hour shifts.
{photo by: kelseys}

They might be small but don't let their size fool you, Canoe's mini Caribou Burgers stay true to Canadian cuisine and are sure to satisfy your cravings!
{photo by: kqed}


TODAY'S MENU {Fairy Tale Feast}

{photo by: stylecaster}

{Fit for a Queen}
Last night I attended an art gallery crawl where I was introduced to the wonderful works of Cathy Daley, Canadian artist and professor at OCAD. Inspired by glam-getup (ballerina tutus, fairy-tale princesses and Barbie doll couture) her black pastel drawings took my breath away. Childlike motion speaks volumes on vellum, which one are YOU?