TODAY'S MENU {Vanilla Bean}

{My Two Scents}
The vanilla bean is one of those rare and beautiful things. It has been said to be an aphrodisiac, which explains why it's so addictive. Like a child, this bean requires so much care that it takes 9 months to harvest to full maturity (not to mention labour intensive!) Nevertheless, I've always considered this tropical pod of heaven a special commodity.

In the summer of 2007 I backpacked across Western Europe on a very tight budget. I found myself in the south of France and although I was tempted to bring everything home with me, I allowed myself to splurge on 3 vanilla beans. I decided since they had such great meaning I would save them for a very special occasion and then bake something wonderful, but sadly I could never deem an occasion special enough and eventually they expired and had to be thrown out.

Like the beautiful scent of a vanilla bean, these bottles contain all kinds of yummy notes and have made it into my top 5 scents of 2009!
{photo by: yumdropsflavoring}

{At Peace}
Bond No. 9, The Scent of Peace
fresh, floral, citrus, woody, musk, grapefruit, black currant, lilly
{photo by: bond no.9}

{Chance it}
Chanel, Chance Eau Fraiche
fresh, floral, citrus, jasmine, amber, sweet, spicy, sexy
{photo by: chanel}

{Glamour Girl}
LuLu Guinness, Eau de Parfum
retro chic, apple, sweet pea, floral, feminine, blossoms, clementines
{photo by: lulu guinness}

{Let it Snow!}
Lise Watier, Neige
fresh, white flowers, pure, jasmine, lilly, hyacinth, rose
{photo by: lise watier}

{Hidden Treasure}
Lolita Lempicka, L de Lolita Lempicka
cinnamon, vanilla, woods, orange, musk
{photo by: beautive}

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