TODAY'S MENU {4-Tier Cupcakes}

Like a tiered tower made entirely of cupcakes, these creative chandeliers will have you drooling to the floor.

{Rock Hard}
If you ask me, a rock candy chandelier fastened with ribbon and wire should be a permanent fixture in everyone's home!

{Spoon Me}
Hanging this flatware fixture over your table is a perfect way to lure your hungry guests into the kitchen!
{photo by: the letter}

{Chickita's Banana}

Any fun, quirky, banana-loving decorator would love this Chiquita Banana chandelier!
{photo by: core77}

{Look what the tide dragged in!}
This cluster of beautiful debris brings a sense of discovery to any space.
{photo by: tree hugger}

{Pretty in Pink}
A great way to recycle all that scrap paper, endless shades of pink prove perfection!
{photo by: ullam}

{A Different Kind of Olive Tree}
Whether it's olive oil, honey, or just plain empty, glass jars are a wonderful accessory when looking to fill up a space.
{photo by: flickr}

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