TODAY'S MENU {Margherita Pizza}

{Eat, Pray, Love, Eat Again?}
Call me predictable, but in light of my undying love for Julia Roberts, obsessive passion for travelling and, well, stuffing my face with delicious chow, going to see the movie Eat Pray Love was a no-brainer!
While reading the book last year I pictured miles of breathtaking scenery and bottomless spaghetti bowls, but seeing it on the big screen far surpassed my imagination. The clothes, the views, let's not forget the food, surely anything that shines upon such fine genres deserves two thumbs up!


TODAY'S SPECIAL {White Chocolate Champagne Truffles}

Marie Antoinette sure said it right! After all, today is a celebration and what better way to indulge than to relish in melt-in-your-mouth, heavenly, finger-licking, fare. Here are just some of my mouthwatering favourites that have been featured on Out to Lunch over the last 12 months.

{Cake, August 18, 2009}

{Black & White Striped Cookies, September 10, 2009}

{Espresso Brownies, September 25, 2009}

{Baked Alaska, October 14, 2009}

{Boston Cream Cupcake, October 18, 2009}

{Blood Oranges, October 22, 2009}

{Pink Ruffle Layer Cake, March 09, 2010}

{Alphabet Soup, March 25, 2010}

{Apple Muffins with Sunflower Seeds, May 11, 2010}

{Macarons, July 07, 2010}

{Frosted Circus Animals, July 14, 2010}

{Birthday Cupcake, July 29, 2010}


TODAY'S MENU {Sugary Snow Cones}

{A Glass Act}
Lately I find myself drooling over all things glass.
It began with a search for the perfect housewarming gift for a friend of mine, as I browsed every home, kitchen and bath store I was drawn to anything and everything transparent. I soon realized I've been accruing this material for quite some time now in my very own home.
Inspired by simple things like recycled bottles makes my glass more than half-full!

Recycled Glass Balloon Vases

Retro-inspired Goblets, HomeSense

Jeannette Jadeite Measuring Cups, Jeannette Glass Company

Metal & Glass Domed Cake Stand

Rippled Glass Cake Plate

Paper-wrapped Votives

Rustic Glass Pitchers, Branch Home

Glass Canister, H&M Home


TODAY'S MENU {Homemade Strawberry Jam}

{And on that farm he had a...}
There is something so beautiful about a barn. Let me start over...
Last night I was shooting a faux wedding at Wychwood Barns Gallery and although we were lacking an actual bride the location couldn't be beat. Taking full advantage of all the amazing textures right in the heart of the city got me thinking about what an actual wedding on a farm would be like. They seem to be popping up everywhere these days, not to mention replacing the ever traditional (yawn) banquet hall.
The photos speak for themselves, this city gal is all for the country!