TODAY'S MENU {Coffee Beans}

{Coffee Talk}
I was out exploring my new neighborhood last week and discovered Ezra's Pound, a charming little espresso bar located at Spadina/Dupont. As a born coffee addict I was pleased to learn that every cup is custom-brewed, allowing each bean to rise to its fullest potential. Fair-trade freshness, delicious baked goods (made daily) and vintage appliances were enough to turn my 5-minute visit into an inspired memory.
{photo by: kosmic life}

Bring a little bit of Ezra's pound home and perk up your space with these coffee commodities


TODAY'S MENU {Bloody Mary}

As promised....the new INCREDIBLE album by Vampire Weekend!


TODAY'S MENU {Sidewalk Chalk Bubble Gum}

{Chalk it up to Love}
I discovered chalkboard paint when I was about 12 years old - it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Once I finally settled on the perfect DIY project (a chalkboard shelf with key hooks) and bought a can of paint, it took everything I had not to roll it on every cupboard, wall and door in my mother's house.

It's been 12 years since I built that key hook and I know just which wall to hang it on in my new apartment. As for painting every other wall, let's just chalk it up to love!