TODAY'S MENU {Petite Bride & Groom Candy Apples}

{Goody Two Shoes}
After partaking in several bridal parties and searching countless photography websites I've realized my love for the 'shoe shot'...gives you a whole new appreciation for the sock (or lack thereof)


TODAY'S MENU {Pumpkin Pie with Seed Crust}

{Happily Haunted}
If you're anything like me than you probably dread coming up with a Halloween costume every year. I've never been one for scary movies or haunted houses, but seeing as how this spooky day combines two of my favourite things (candy and decorating), I don't mind getting into the holiday spirit.
Here are some great entertaining ideas...they may not be bone-chilling but they sure are festive, happy Halloween!


TODAY'S MENU {Black & White Cookie}

{Shake it like a Salt Shaker}
In the market for a housewarming gift? Something fun to adorn your tabletop? These quirky salt and pepper shakers are sure to make anyone smile!

Naoto Fukasawa maracas

Woody Hsieh pebbles

Jonathan Adler cats

Jonathan Adler birds

Colin O'Dowd fins

James Burgess keyboard

Alberto Mantilla hugs


TODAY'S MENU {Sugar Crystal Swivel Sticks}

{Oh So Opulent!}
Introducing my new favourite jewelry designer, the wonderfully talented Katie Diamond. The New Jersey native mixes gleaming golds with coloured stones and beautifully cut diamonds...but her jewels aren't the only things that are clear cut, you'll find a strong Moroccan presence in every handmade ring, necklace and earring.


TODAY'S MENU {Root Beer Float}

{Retro Refined}
As mentioned in my previous posts I am genetically drawn to collections, I get about as much pleasure from a new bowl, vase or perfume as I do from a tropical vacation. Perhaps it's the thrill of the hunt, or that finishing touch, or the fact that no matter what the find it always feels like it was made just for me.
While the possibilities may be endless, these vintage treasures are a classic tribute to collections everywhere.

Growing up I had a friend whose mom collected vintage tea pots. She displayed them on a shelf that ran along their entire kitchen, I thought it was so pretty and still remember it to this day.

I saw these vintage coffee grinders at a café in Toronto, sipping espresso suddenly felt very nostalgic

Colour blocking glass bottles makes for a charming arrangement

Vintage seltzer bottles can add much colour and character

{A Bright Idea}
Get the bottom halves cut off and throw in a light bulb to hang over your kitchen counter

Retro milk carafes make great holding places for just about anything you've got lying around!


TODAY'S MENU {Chocolate Meringue Cake}

{Match Made in Heaven}
While visiting yet another charming cupcake shop last week, I spent a fair amount of time gushing over the shelves filled with beautiful artisan birthday candles and darling matchboxes. Visions of pairing the two together ran through my mind set amid milestone birthdays and family-filled celebrations.
I can't think of a more special way to make a wish!