TODAY'S MENU {Picnic Watermelon}

{Life's a Picnic}
Lately I've been noticing a trend in restaurants that I hope to adopt as soon as I have, well, a house and enough friends to come visit me. The communal table is the culinary world's answer to the modern-day picnic table. Pair it with a bench, stool, even a tree stump and you've got yourself a hip family-style dining experience!


TODAY'S MENU {Teacup Banana Pudding}

{Jackie in Wonderland}
Last night I inherited a beautiful green Aynsley teacup and saucer with gold trim. Since it is, well, the only piece in the 'set', I put it to good use and dropped my favourite coral studs in for safe keeping. After watching Tim Burton's dark depiction of Alice in Wonderland last weekend, I suppose a mad tea party isn't too far stretched, what could be more mad than beautiful vintage teacups full of, well, anything!


TODAY'S MENU {Mustard Seeds}

{Mustard Must-haves}
Last summer in Portugal I met a man from Australia. Amongst exchanging travel tales, I asked him "what are Canadians known for?" The man took about 30 seconds before answering "condiments!" I suppose I never realized we possess this reputation, but after giving it some thought I couldn't really argue with him.

If you set any hamburger, hot dog or french fry in front of me with the ageless choice of ketchup vs. mustard I would choose mustard in a heartbeat! Having always been partial to this fine seed, I'm laying more than a bottle on the table.


TODAY'S MENU {Pink Candy Chicken Bones}

{Anything but a Dead Man}
I know I should be blogging about April showers and whatever obvious lore that come to mind, but in honour of April Fool's Day I decided to go a different route...Dead Man's Bones, the goth-folk-cabaret band that's got me in deep (dare I say 6 ft?). A little morbid-sounding I'll admit, but you can't help but let the rhythm take over your body and Lose Your Soul. A collaboration with the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir, Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields (music neophytes) truly prove themselves as talented, innovative musicians, and they're Canadian, woohoo!