TODAY'S MENU {Coconut Chocolate Banana Pancakes}

I have a strange love affair with all things coconut. Whenever I ask someone how they feel about it their response is usually one of the following:

"Eww I HATE coconut!"
"Mmmmm I LOVE coconut!"

Well, to all my fellow cocoNUTS, boy do I have a product for you! Moroccan Oil is simply the greatest purchase I've made in a long time! It makes my hair shine, feels silky smooth, plus it smells GREAT! If you're unsure, try the mini bottle, it lasts a good few months and won't cost you more than $20. This is definitely wonderful for hair that needs a good oil-down from all that blow-drying heat it's up against.
{photo by: eliza domestica}

{photo by: bella beauty}
{photo by: lush 360}

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