{Feeling Beachy}
I have many fond memories from my Euro-trip a couple years back, but one of my absolute favourites is walking to the gelaterie in Cinque Terre, Italy. With each visit came a new flavour followed by a walk down to the beach where I would embrace the beauty and delicious flavours in all their glory!

Although I'm no longer on that rocky beach, I can't help but be thankful for one of the many perks that come with my job - having access to endless amounts of beautiful images! Lately one in particular has been popping up before my eyes, leading me on a quest to find the mystery man behind the print...the amazing Italian photographer Massimo Vitali.

Beaches, swimming pools and even discos, Vitali captures those spectacular moments and reminds me of that cup full of gelato and sweet memories.

{photo by: global yp}

{photos by: massimo vitali}

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