TODAY'S MENU {Meat & Potatoes}

From my experience, there are two types of guys out there:

1. The Meat & Potatoes guy
2. Every other guy

Despite these (too often true) stereotypes, for the month of November, (or should I say Movember), whatever edible fare men may have found on their plates is irrelevant. Guys all around the world were brought together by a force so much bigger then them, a force that is embraced and not questioned, a force that unites not divides...yes, I'm speaking of the one, the only, moustache!

For the last 30 days men everywhere raised money and awareness for Prostate Cancer. Since they had so much fun doing it I thought I would keep it going with a poll in honour of my favourite leading moustache men!

Cast your vote!!

{photos by: movember, woman's day}

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