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You may have read the word "collect" in some of my past posts...I collect many things - and I use the term "collect" loosely (it's more of a casual, shopping addiction kind of collection if you will).

In any case, scarves are one of those favourite, can't-live-without items that never fail to find their way into my closet (or draped elegantly around my neck). Although November has graced us with some pretty fabulous weather, one must prepare accordingly for the blistering cold, upcoming snowstorms, and impromptu polaroids.

Here is what I'm draping around my neck (or wish I was) this winter.

This is definitely my warmest (and not to mention longest) scarf! The wool is super soft and deep pockets keep my hands warm during those brisk walks. My inspiration? Carrie Bradshaw via Sex and the City of course!

This Louis Vuitton Graffiti Monogram scarf is perfect for anyone who appreciates a classic with a twist. I was recently given one as a gift and cannot stop caressing it, the cashmere feels like heaven next to my skin!
{photo by: fashion bomb daily}

Try something a little daring and make a scarf part of your outfit!
{photo by: stylehive}
Another classic, Hermes scarves never fail to look magnificent! As if cashmere and silk weren't enough, each scarf comes with this super cute deck of cards, complete with endless tying illustrations!

{photos by: hermes, 1, 2, 3.dp}

My new favourite, the Hat-Scarf! Why not kill two birds with one stone while looking incredibly chic?
{photo by: fabsugar}

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