TODAY'S MENU {Bourbon Cocktail}

{Have a Napkin}
For as long as I can remember my Grandmother (better known as Grams) has been collecting paper napkins. She places them neatly around the Bridge table when her girlfriends come over, saves them for our birthday dinners, lays them on the bathroom counter, and wherever else she can find a use for them.
After seeing them around her house for so many years, they've become a staple on my list and I love to buy them as gifts/souvenirs, especially when I travel. The holiday season is upon us, so keep your eyes open for those cute little packages that you just cant resist! Save them for a special occasion if you have to, but a little goes a long way!
{photo by: a mountain of crushed ice}
{photo by: 4 showers}
{photo by: outblush}
{photo by: designer notebook}
{photo by: polyvore}
{photo by: impress in print}
{photo by: cartophilia}

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